Team Building

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How to Play: Friday afternoons can be a stressful time, so take one off this month and start a Family Feud! One person will be designated as the Host. In the morning, the Host will create a survey with 20 to 30 common Family Feud questions (see bottom of page for PDF sample questions). You can find great suggestions online, like:

  • Something that’s always knotted
  • Something you must run to catch
  • Something you save

The Host will email this survey to everyone at the office and everyone must send back their answers by lunch. The Host will then take the top 5 popular responses for each answer and make an answer key. Or if your office is small, you can find completed Family Feud surveys online.

Divide the office into two teams. This can be done by writing down everyone’s name on pieces of paper and placing them into a hat. The Host will first draw two team captains and give them whistles. Then, the team captains alternate pulling names out of the hat to make up their teams.

Now that you’re divided into two teams, stand on opposite sides of the room, facing each other. The Host will go down the list of questions one at a time. After each question has been read, each team will be allowed to provide one response; team members can discuss this openly. When a team has decided on their response, the team captain will blow the whistle. Whichever captain blows the whistle first will be able to provide an answer first.

Whichever team provides the most popular response will get a chance to fill out the rest of the board by guessing popular responses. But, be careful! Whenever a team offers three incorrect responses, the other team gets a chance to complete the board. For every completed board, a team will receive one point.

The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

For an example of the actual show you can watch the clip below:

PDF Download: Sample Questions