Team Building

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DiY - Cable Clip Organizer

How to Participate: Surprise another department with a flash mob! The best way to do this? Have a “department meeting” in the conference room to choose a song. Watch a few videos of other flash mobs -- if no one is comfortable choreographing, go ahead and borrow a YouTube flash mob’s dance moves! The bonus here is that everyone from your department can simply watch the YouTube video and use it to practice.

Assign everyone a role. Some people will enter the other department already dancing; others might walk by with a stack of papers and say, “What’s going on here?” But then, spontaneously, join the dance. The goal is to have all of your department members dancing by the end. If your dance is easy and catchy, you might even get the other department dancing, too!

To ensure it all goes as planned, have mini rehearsals. Practice the dance with a buddy from your department in the conference room. Or send a department-wide email that it’s YouTube time! You can all practice from your seats and no one will be the wiser.

After you’ve surprised another department, challenge them to get you back or ask them to join you in flash mobbing a new department altogether.

In case you were wondering what it looks like, here is an example video:

Good luck and get dancing!